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Born of a ten-year old marketing company, Corporate Gift Collections is truly a collection of brand awareness, brand building and brand prosperity. Using tried and true techniques, we urge you to select from our collections something that inspires you. The true secret to marketing after the ravages of C*vid-19 is authenticity in your brand - to be seen in a different way... An African tribe has a greeting translated to "I see you" properly answered with "I am here". We hope that you find in our collections of corporate gifts, something to energize your staff, something to delight your clients and something to thank your suppliers... and most of all, we hope that you find something that makes you answer... "We are here"... and here to stay...

Corporate Gift Collections is a bespoke, affordable collection of products, all available to be ordered with your logo placed in a personalized, unique way. 

Our product range includes little giveaways for less than a dollar a piece, little tech gadgets that are super useful and super handy all the way to home and decor items, merchandizing units and even staff uniforms.

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Inspired by one of our founders (who comes up with the most impossible to complete ideas), we wanted to make it easy for us to send you a personalized quotation, so in the bottom right of every product page in our catalogues, there is a little whatsapp button. If you click it, it creates an automatic message for the product you are interested to be sent right to our whatsapp number. All you have to do is let us know how many of the product you'd like an estimation on and we'll send you a quote with the branding included, delivered to your office.

If you'd rather talk to one of our sales agents, please send us a message and we'll call or message you as per your preference :)

Or send us a message here...

Thanks for messaging... we see you!

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